Words cannot adequately express my admiration and gratitude towards Dr. Dongcheng Li for helping me realize my dream of becoming an acupuncturist. I opened a high-volume day spa business while I was in school and the demands of work often meant I had to miss a significant amount of class and therefore felt a great amount of pressure and worry in being able to pass my board exams. In my third trimester of my second year of acupuncture school at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, I took herbal formulas class with Dr. Li and I realized right away that there was something special about this professor. He made very difficult concepts easy to understand and he helped me and all his students grasp essential concepts. I was also grateful that Dr. Li's herbal formula class integrated concepts from Foundations and helped me to catch up on the significant knowledge deficits I had from missing so much class. Later on, I was so happy to learn that he offered board prep courses and my fears about the board tests dissolved immediately. I participated in his board prep courses for Foundations and Acupuncture Point Location, and I was able to pass both tests on my first attempt. Six of my classmates took the board prep courses with me and we all passed on our first attempt. What I loved about his prep course is that it motivated me to study, the course was extremely well-organized and made difficult and confusing concepts clear to me, and the course anticipated and prepared us for board style questions. When I took the boards, my confidence was high because many of the questions I faced on the real test were very similar to questions I encountered during my board prep course. Dr. Li is constantly reorganizing and updating his courses so the material always reflects the latest board exams. I am very confident that anyone who takes his board prep courses will be able to pass the board exam, even people who are poor test takers or people who have failed the boards multiple times.  

Joseph Lee, AP

AP 3461

Natural Healing Center of Las Olas

I had struggled and struggled with the information for months, as I had learned all the TCM patterns, but could not fully understand the functional aspects of the test. I was not expecting questions of such caliber and confusion, and was not prepared with test taking skills needed to pass. 

Dr. Li changed all that! 

He simply explained how it works! He provided a reading list, to know what to read. His books were comprehensive and covered the many, many broad topics which are included on the exams, with clever questions to help you avoid the pitfalls of the wrong answer. 

Then, best of all, he carefully goes through questions, one by one, and each possible answer, explaining why it is right or wrong, then, he further explains your questions with thorough and responsive emails throughout the course.

I took both his Foundations and Points Classes, and I found it very helpful to see how the exams work together and the concepts of what they are testing.

I passed both exams and just received my license!

Tracy Krohn, L. Ac.

High Point, North Carolina

Dr. Li’s NCCAOM Herbology review was invaluable. He gave me guidance and direction- an approach of how to tackle such a daunting exam. Over the course of our studying it became clear that the language barrier- the herbs in pinyin- was incredibly difficult for me to navigate through. Only when there was a direct association was I able to completely grasp each herb, and Dr. Li noticed this early on and made a point to describe each herb, or translate it, or provide the story to it’s name, to make sure I was truly able to grasp and understand the material. I relied mainly on his test-book and study-book, and after a lot of time and effort- and much encouragement and positivity from Dr. Li, I was able to pass this exam on my first try! I couldn’t be more grateful, he’s a patient and genuine teacher and I would highly recommend this course for anyone who struggles with herbs or feels lost studying for the NCCAOM herbology exam. 

Thanks again Dr. Li, I couldn’t have done it without you!

-Juliann Abecassis 

Dr. Doncheng Li is very knowledgeable professor and an amazing practitioner of Oriental Medicine. 

Not only did his boards review prepare me for my state boards it helped me pass all 3 boards on the first try in a 6 month period while still in school! I followed his curriculum precisely and would advise everyone who is preparing to take the state licensure to take Dr Li's Board Review!! Thank you Doctor Li, sincerely I would not be the practitioner I am today with out you guidance and patience. 

Warm regards, 


Dr. Li's review class has changed people's lives for the better! Not only has it helped my studies and my life, but his unique insights have also helped many of my patients. I feel so blessed to be able to cross paths with not only a primo teacher, yet, also an absolute healer, and gentle balanced powerful spirit. I would absolutely recommend this class to anybody with any learning style. 



I took the herbal board review last fall and I highly recommend the course. Dr. Li is very thorough in his teaching. He covers every category very well. In my opinion the herbal board is the hardest one out of the 4 boards. After I took the review course I felt more confident in taking the board. Soon after I passed it and was very pleased. Dr. Li is the BEST! Thank you so much again Dr. Li!!!


I have the utmost appreciation and respect for Dr. Li. He has been instrumental in helping me to pass my Foundations Board Exam. His commitment to me as a candidate and eagerness to help me with all my questions were admirable in every way. I highly recommend his review classes so please take them if you can--it will be worth it!


​Dr.Li Review classes helped me tremendously put it all together. His class are extremely organized and well prepared. He is very knowledgable, patient and easy to fallow as far has the way he presents the material to cover. His prep class are motivating, fun and well worth time and money. His classes help me pass more than one board and with success! 


Dr. Li's herb review class was an amazing experience. It helped fill in any gaps I had in my previous herbal classes. The course was structured in a way that made learning the material extremely easy. We were also provided invaluable study material that you can't find anywhere else. He was always available for any questions we had. I was nervous that I would miss studying something for the board but he made a clear path for every student and kept quizzing us every class. I would definitely recommend any of his review classes. All of his material is centered around board testing with the added bonus of good clinical information. I'll be using his review classes for any future refreshers on the material. 


Thank you very much Dr. Li for your helpful coaching at the Boards preparation courses. I couldn't have done it without your help.  I am looking forward to get ready for the herbal review, as soon as I get some other issues solved, I will definitely need your help with the challenging herbal board.

Best Regards,


​I have taken Dr. Li's board review classes. They were amazing!! Not only does he help you focus on THE most important sections but teaches you HOW to get to the correct answers by process of elimination. (I Passed- by the way). I highly recommend his review classes!


After 2.5 years of working hard in TCM school, it is overwhelming to begin to think where to even start to prepare for the Board Exams. Dr. Li's Board Review Class provides a thorough step by step guideline and practical approach to mastering the material. His expertise and personal style of teaching replaces fear with the confidence of knowing you are reviewing just what you need to achieve a successful outcome. 

Thank you Dr Li!


"Dr. Li's Board prep classes were very beneficial for both the boards and review/reinforcing the TCM materials learned in acupuncture school. His coursework is concise and according to topic. He is an extremely knowledgeable, caring , dedicated professor. I recommend his guidance and classes!"

Robin Arnold, AP, Dipl. Ac  

Dr. Li is one of the most gifted professors I have had the fortune of meeting. He is exceedingly knowledgeable in all areas he teaches, is always well prepared, and covers the material at hand thoroughly. He has a natural ability and love for teaching which is easily conveyed in his polite, professional, and extremely patient manner. I would highly recommend his instruction in any of his many areas of expertise without question.

Jessica Baron

Dr Li's herb board review was very well thought out and articulated. It was comprehensive and easy to follow. Dr Li makes it easy for you, giving you exactly the right formula to pass the herb module. With his guidance you need not worry if you have covered all the bases. He has already put the time and meticulous effort to make sure they are covered for you. Relax, follow Dr Li's direction and you WILL pass the herb board.


Dr. Li, I passed the herbal board exam yesterday! I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help throughout our herb classes. Your review books were also extremely helpful. I could not have done it without you!! Thank you thank you! I wish you the all the best. 



I did Dr Li's herb review and leant so much! And he is so very kind and patient at answering questions!


Dr. Li has FANTASTIC reviews!! Very very helpful~


Dr Li courses are really helpful in passing the exam.


One World, One Medicine